I bought my first Amiga around 1988, after I saw a few demos in a computer shop (yes there were computer shops).

I quickly started to learn Asm 68k using Seka. The year after I met Kamikaze / Delta Line, and I learned some cool demo tricks from him. I made my first (unreleased) intro. In several occasions, Kamikaze introduced me to other sceners!

I joined a number of groups I can't remember exactly. I didn't produce things for all of them, but it was cool to be "part of" the Amiga scene. I can remember Spider, Asgard, The Great Swappers, Alliance Design, Hexagone, Quartex, Paranoimia, Analog.

It was difficult to get pictures or musics from other team members: no internet at that time... So I tried Deluxe Paint... but I'm not good at making logos, fonts or whatever a graphist does!
I did some musics too, using Soundtracker series. I used some of them in my demos, and sometimes I used musics from more talented musicians, like Monty or Zorglub!

I had the chance to go to copy-parties / demo-parties where all the sceners meet: ? (89), Iris and Atlantis Demo Party (90), Iris New Year Conference (92), ? (92-93), Saturne Party (94?)

I hope you are going enjoy to watch some of my demos presented here:


First Intro
Le Salon de la micro in Paris

Crazy Froggy
Iris and Atlantis Demo Party 1991

The Great Swappers

Skull Crack Intro

Compliation Menu 1

Compilation Menu 2

Trainer Menu


The Cool-Fighter Demo

Game: Worry
Iris New Year Conference 1992

Alliance Design

Master Ripper 1.0


The Red and the blue

Cheap disk

Sleeptro II

Other Work

BBS Intro
For Aix (Antti Andersson)

Game: Crapette
For Laetitia

Game: Out Of Time

Tracker: Symphony Pleasure
School Work 1994

TimeShift / 8tease
Android demo

Preview Out Of Time Amiga in the German 'Amiga Games' Magazine of july 1993 Preview Out Of Time Amiga in the UK Magazine 'Amiga Format' of november 1993
A few articles on Out Of Time!



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